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camper assistance

If you are a Type 1 Timer hockey player who is in need of financial assistance to attend, sponsorship is available. Please reach out today through our contact form!

What to bring

Hockey Equipment:



• Certified helmet with full facial protection

• Mouth Guard

• Neck Protector

• Shoulder Pads

• Elbow Pads

• Shin Guards

• Hockey Pants

• Skates (Sharpened)

• Gloves

• Garter, spare socks

• Jock – Jill

• Sticks

• Under-garments (2 of each item)

Note: Game socks and jersey will be provided

• Goalie upper body protection

• Goalie skates (optional) sharpened

• Certified helmet and cage mask

• Mouth Guard

• Neck Protector

• Garter, spare socks

• Goalie Jock – Jill

• Goalie Pads

• Goalie Gloves

• Goalie Pants (optional)

• Goalie Sticks

• Under Garments (2 of each item

Note: Game socks and jersey will be provided


Diabetes Equipment:

We recommend bringing at least double of everything you would typically use

  • At least 10 Blood glucose strips per day
  • A backup/2nd blood glucose meter
  • Several extra infusion sets and reservoirs if on a pump
  • If you’re wearing an insulin pump, be sure the reservoir is full of insulin each morning
  • Bring whatever you typically have for low blood glucose events, hypoglycemia: Dex or rapid-acting glucose
  • insulin pen and/or extra syringes
  • Bring any insulin that you are going to require
  • Extra batteries for insulin pump and/or meter
  • Any other specific items you may typically use

These supplies should be in a container or pack that is clearly labeled with your name and parent(s) name and contact information

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